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Lucca Raventinkie Merch


1. Does Lucca Raventinkie physically make all of the products? 
Lucca Raventinkie designed all of the items. The screenprints and paintings are original works of art that were handmade. 

2. From where does inspiration for the work come? 
Nature and the science of light

3. Where is Lucca Raventinkie based? 
San Francisco

4. With what mediums does Lucca Raventinkie primarily work?
Acrylic paint (although some of the work represented in the shop are of watercolor and colored pencil drawings)

5. Can I ask for custom artwork?

Yes. Lucca Raventinkie has done commissions since 2010. Please email Lucca Raventinkie directly at lucca.raventinkie@gmail.com